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Spur High Schools Series St Stithians College

September 19, 2017 Cycling Blog 0

The last round of the High School MTB league landed in the lush campus of St Stithians College in Randburg Johannesburg. This prestigious high school did not disappoint, challenging the riders with a technical XC course, as well as temperatures in the high 30’s!

Cycling Specific had numerous junior athletes participate in the Spur High School MTB race on Saturday, each representing their individual high schools on the start line. Despite the high level of competition between each school, there was a great team atmosphere shown between all Cycling Specific athletes… Something us coaches are VERY proud of. One of our biggest goals is to create a sense of unity between all athletes. We believe it grows and shapes the individual beyond the training program, and is what separates us above the rest of the coaching businesses out there.

Here are race reviews from a few of our Cycling Specific athletes… Enjoy!

Estian Schoeman (Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool, right)

With an explosive start Estain managed to hold onto the main bunch for the whole of the first lap. He was ready to race after a sound warm up and we could see him itching to finish off the last leg of the series strong. The heat definitely affected most of the athletes out on course often weighing down the legs after the first lap. Estian explains his race:  “On lap 1 I stayed in the leading bunch for most of the lap, but then on the second lap I bonked! I dropped to 6th place where I stayed until middle lap, and the I attacked and fought back to take 4th place which is still a good position!”

Estian is currently tied for 3rd place in the u15 overall standings. This young man is not only dedicated to his training, but loves single track like no other! From the coaches at Cycling Specific, we congratulate him on an extremely successful year and look forward to working with him to reach his goals in u16!

Jean van Staden (Life Ministries Christiaan school, u15)

Jean’s race was an adventure from the start. His race ended up reflecting the ‘go ’till you blow’ scenario with the pain cave being a familiar place right after the start. “I had the best start of my life! But unfortunately I crashed shortly after and chased hard to catch back up. I eventually caught the 2nd chasing group and then the 1st chasing group shortly after on a nasty climb. I gave it everything and held the pace with the group for the second lap. I got really fatigued thought and lost the pack on lap 3 eventually finishing 9th in the end…Overall I had a great race and result!”.

Jean showed massive gains with his powerful start. The CS coaches are very impressed with the way he chased all the way to the 1st group after his crash! It shows strength and determination to never give up. These qualities are what makes Jean an incredible ambassador of our team, and a character that will succeed in his near future. Well done!

Jessica James (St Stithians College)

A home race for this girl on Saturday! Jess has progressed phenomenally this year, focusing on her MTB skills and her love for riding bikes.

“I had a really good race, I came 5th in my category (Youth 16)! My sprint went really well and I got into a good position before the singletrack started. Knowing the track well made a huge difference, I was super confident. Being able to ride all the way up the steep hill gave a me a huge advantage over the other girls in my category. It was a good race to end off the school season.”

This girl is going places…Watch this space!

Francois Botha (Hoërskool Randburg)

Our enthusiastic u15 explains his race with the best outlook we could ask for. Having the ability to see your improvement over time shows enormous maturity.

“It was a really fast race from the start but, I enjoyed every second of it! I’m only 1 min 40sec behind the leaders, where I was more than 5 min in the first. I’m really excited for next years season!”

We are excited too Francois!

Duan de Waal (Overkruin Hoërskool)

Speaking of those for a passion for mountain biking…Duan recaps his race: “Mmm very hot conditions ???????Great start with all the falls in the group?and lap 2 just got hotter ???. Lap 3 was nice and fast but I really struggle a lot with the heat it definitely was holding me back! But it isn’t always about my position or time mostly I am still one of the few that still enjoy MTB and not just racing✔??‍♂?”

Duan has incredible natural talent for the sport of MTbing. He is able to race his heart out while having the time of his life which is most commendable. The cyclists around him look up to him and his mindset, creating an incredible example for Cycling Specific and what we stand for!

Duan racing over the jump…with Estian sneaking around with a different line choice:

Ruben Botha (Leeuwenhof Akademie)

A special race for this young man on Saturday. We send him off to Varsity racing with full confidence in his ability to handle and race the MTB. What a season it has been!

“Seeing that this was my last Spur race I wanted to end it of with a bang. The race was unbelievable, and the atmosphere was something to believe. I was very happy with my top 20 result in the Junior 18 category. Cycling Specific really helped a lot with my training and helped me to reach my goals. I would recommend the Cycling Specific Family to anyone who wants to take there cycling to the next level.”

We are lucky to have such a great character on the Cycling Specific Team!

Kelly Randle (Midstream College, right)

Last but not least, our very own Kelly Randle! This u15 is a fighter and powers through everything the Spur MTB League throws at her. There is not much this girls can’t do, making her future look bright and exciting!

“The race was a fun race because it was technical but also quite tough! I was sitting in 4th and was tired but I wasn’t going to give up so I carried on pushes and I eventually went in to 3rd place and ended 3rd for the day!?” – Well done Kelly on an absolutely fantastic season! Keep it up!

A HUGE thank you from the Cycling Specific Coaches to all the parents who supported their children throughout the 2017 MTB season. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

Catch you all at the next race!

The Cycling Specific Team

College hellooo, gre, mcat, lsat, and so on.

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